About First Look

Wedding Photographers Based in Stafford, Staffordshire.

Since 2012, Sam and Ollie have been offering photographic services to a wide range of businesses and organisations throughout the UK as SO Visual Ltd. During this time, the pair were mindful of the wedding industry but aware that due to the nature of wedding photography they would need to slowly build their own style and approach, and not launch until completely satisfied that their service was something they could be proud of.

In January 2019, First Look Wedding Photography was born! First Look is first and foremost a relaxed, and unobtrusive wedding photography service. In this day and age, with so much planning and so many guests to speak to during the day, we know our clients don't want to be taken away for hours to be photographed! Secondly, every shoot has got to be fun, there will always be times when it's just us and the bride and groom, and we strive to make this time as enjoyable and chilled out as possible.

Sam Spilsbury


Ollie Sammons


First Look is a modern, relaxed and unobtrusive approach to wedding photography by Stafford based photographers Sam and Ollie

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